Theme Song

20 Nov


All this insight into the world of a super heroine has inspired me to tackle another item off my list of Must-Haves. Comrades, I do believe it’s time I found my International Woman of Mystery theme song.

Every superhero has a theme song. For that matter, so do athletes, politicians and action figures. Basically everyone powerful has a theme song. So then why not moi? Music is the ultimate motivator. I’ll need something upbeat and inspiring by which to do my ass-kicking.

I’ve been listening to music quite a lot since escaping the clutches of Mr. Poison. I’ve always found a good song to be a therapeutic experience. However, it occurs to me that I may have been using it a little too cathartically as of late. I’ve spent more nights than any woman of the world should listening to sad bastard music. You know exactly what I’m talking about – slow, droopy tunes about love lost and bittersweet romance that was never meant to be.

Upon realizing that Jewel’s “Foolish Games” had somehow climbed its way to the top of my “Most Played” list on iTunes, I not only wanted to change my own tune, I needed to. Shame is also a great motivator, sometimes.

So I’ve spent the bulk of a day compiling what I hope will be the first of many playlists (I avow to share the whole list soon) and have chosen one song in particular to be my own personal International Woman of Mystery Theme Song. It was a tough call. There are so many great and empowering songs, out there. When you think about it, pop music is one of the few places women are allowed to be unapologetic superdivas. Alas, I finally settled on a lesser known little ditty, “Big Sunglasses” by Dragonette.

For starters, it has exactly the right beat for many a pursuit. I can really picture myself running (and outrunning) to it. It’s got the right amount of panache for cruising down the highway on a mission or taking sharp city corners in my Mystery Mobile. I can already hear it playing in the background of an action montage, as I transform myself from every day citizen to Jenny G. (After ducking into a phone booth, naturally.)

Lyrically, I think it speaks to my current station in life – a woman who’s taken a few punches but isn’t finished off. I’ve got a little left, I’ve got a little left in me, she says.

It’s about a woman whose life hasn’t turned out exactly as planned. And yet she’s ready to bounce back and start making her own luck.

Better gather up what I left for dead
All the pieces needed in a level head
All the information that I’ve taken down all on my own

Further, what’s more International Woman of Mystery than a pair of big sunglasses?

I rest my case. Just listen to the song already.

“Big Sunglasses” by Dragonette

Jenny G.


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