Authors’ Note: Jenny G. is an episodic blog, which tells a fictional story in post form. Two to three new installments are added each week. For the best user experience, we recommend catching up episode-by-episode here and then using the email subscribe box (located on the front page) to stay in the loop. Happy reading!

Season One
Episode 1: Ten Things That Happened
Episode 2: The View is Everything
Episode 3: Why Can’t I Have My Own Bond Movie
Episode 4: Running with James Bond
Episode 5: Batgirl’s Wedding Bell Blues
Episode 6: Batgirl’s Wedding Bell Blues: Take II
Episode 7: I Don’t Want to be Her Anymore
Episode 8: Ten Things I Need
Episode 9: I’ve Adopted an Alias
Episode 10: I Am Jenny G.
Episode 11: The Apartment: Part One
Episode 12: The Apartment: Part Two
Episode 13: Maybe This Was a Mistake
Episode 14: The First Mission
Episode 15: I Was Done a Long Time Ago
Episode 16: Wheels
Episode 17: The Look
Episode 18: The Hair
Episode 19: The Secret History of Wonder Woman
Episode 20: Theme Song
Episode 21: Sky Fall
Episode 22: Mr. Poison Returns
Episode 23: Passport
Episode 24: James Bond: Spectre
Episode 25: External Headquarters
Episode 26: Playlist
Episode 27: Disguise
Episode 28: Home For The Holidays: Part One
Episode 29: Home For The Holidays: Part Two
Episode 30: Here’s To You, Jane

Season Two
Episode 1: New Year’s Eve
Episode 2: New Year’s Day
Episode 3: Ten Thing I Want to Be
Episode 4: Mission: Be Elusive
Episode 5: Mission: Learning to Cook
Episode 6: What To Listen To When You Cook
Episode 7: Living on a Whim: Part One
Episode 8: Living on a Whim: Part Two
Episode 8: Mission: Be Zen
Episode 9: Girl Waits With Gun
Episode 10: This is Unacceptable
Episode 11: Mission: Be Fearless
Episode 12: Mission: Be Stylish
Episode 13: Casino: Take One
Episode 14: Casino: Take Two
Episode 15: New Construction
Episode 16: Guest Post: Required Reading
Episode 17: Mission: Be Benevolent
Episode 18: Songs for Running
Episode 19: Hello Next Big Thing
Episode 20: Dating in The Modern Age
Episode 21: Cooking With A Vengeance
Episode 22: Dating: An Attempt
Episode 23: What Kind of Woman Do I want To Be?
Episode 24: You Are A Badass
Episode 25: Where To Go in 2016
Episode 26: An IWOM Takes NYC
Episode 27: A Perfectly Fine Man


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