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Home For The Holidays: Part Two

26 Dec

Celebrities Dressed for Christmas in the Past (1).jpg

I’ll admit, I added that last line of the last post for dramatic effect. It sounded good though, didn’t it? Like a real International Woman of Mystery?

I hadn’t been this upset since that night in Boston. Then, I fled. Now, I write.

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Home For The Holidays: Part One

22 Dec


My parents were bugging me to go home for Christmas.

I’d been resisting, knowing how difficult it’d be to field their judgmental questions about the breakup and my recent life choices. I knew how aggravated I’d feel when they’d tell me about my childhood schoolmates who had impressive jobs and impressive life accomplishments, like giving their parents grandbabies.

But then my mom said that Alek, my brother, would be home too. I missed Alek. I hadn’t talked to him much since I’d left Boston. He seemed consumed with his life in New York and didn’t have much time to talk.

If Alek were home, we’d deal with our parents’ bullshit together, probably over our mother’s mulled wine and our inside jokes. Thinking about laughing with my brother made me feel happy, so I begrudgingly accepted my parents’ offer to fly me home.

I decided I would pre-emptively silence any discussions about the breakup by wowing my parents with my chic appearance and bold new outlook on life. How could they criticize me when it was so obvious that the breakup had done me so much good?

Besides, I’m an International Woman of Mystery now and I simply don’t have time for family drama.

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