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Living On A Whim: Part Two

19 Jan


I rolled over in a groggy haze. There was a figure in the corner, dressed only to the waist. I pulled the comforter up over my shoulders, and buried my head in the pillow. The figure spoke.

“Hey Jennifer.”

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The First Mission

27 Oct


Full disclosure: The International Woman of Mystery has failed at her first mission.

It seemed simple enough: My first night on the town. Alone.

Determined that I would not let my being single become an exercise in wallowing, I set a rather ambitious goal for myself: I would dine alone. In public. On a busy Saturday night.

After all, an International Woman of Mystery needs no one. I am an island. I buy my own drinks and now my own dinner. A woman of the world holds no shame in being sans date. Even when we are all told we’re supposed to care so much about romance (or the lack thereof.) I decided I would transcend this nonsense. It seemed the perfect mission. I was a woman with a plan. I would be brave. I would hold my head high. The International Woman of Mystery as her own date.

And yet, despite my bravery, despite however premeditated it was, it proved more difficult than I anticipated.
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